The Singularity of People

Amidst the spirited summer atmosphere one might think that I would be acutely aware of the individuality of each child, volunteer and staffer. After all, it is during summer camp that the staff, volunteers and children have the most intimate contact with one another. Even though I have spent much of my time in the

By |2011-07-22T07:30:08-04:00July 22nd, 2011|God Bless, Staff|Comments Off on The Singularity of People

Summer Slipping Away

Seven weeks of summer camp have been completed and the academic year is quickly approaching. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that our summer staff was arriving for orientation and people were calling with last minute inquires about available spots for camp. Seven weeks later and there have been multiple field trips,

By |2011-07-22T02:37:21-04:00July 22nd, 2011|Staff, Summer, The Center|Comments Off on Summer Slipping Away

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