We Are The Stewart Center

Vision: The Stewart Center exists to see our neighbors living purposeful lives in pursuit of their full potential.

Mission: The Stewart Center promotes strong communities through educational initiatives, wellness resources, and housing solutions.


  • We are a nonprofit community development organization.

  • We are committed to the racial, social, and economic justice deserved by our neighbors and by all people.

  • We are committed to the long-term viability of our community and its residents.

  • We seek to identify and engage resources within our community to address present challenges.

Strategic Commitment: The Stewart Center directs all of its resources in partnership with Pittsburgh residents in order to bring about community transformation. The Center is committed to helping our neighbors create a place of hope and opportunity for all people.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned a global “Beloved Community” characterized by nonviolence, reconciliation, and justice for all people – a place where love and truth triumph over fear and hatred. Dr. King believed that the highest form of love, agape, seeks “to preserve and create community.” The Stewart Center is a community development organization, working with our neighbors to create the “Beloved Community” in our neighborhood.

The “Beloved Community” is not utopian, and it is not achieved overnight. It requires the commitment of neighbors, one to another, and a willingness to endure through the seasons of life. At the Stewart Center, community development is not a program model, rather it is a way of being – a way of pursuing our collective full potential.   

In many neighborhoods the sense of community has been broken.  The Stewart Center is helping to put that back together in the Pittsburgh neighborhood.

Chandra Manns - Operations Coordinator



Through enduring relationships the Center works to help children advance their academic achievement, build strong character, and prepare for future success. 



The Stewart Center fosters personal, family, and community wellness through resources that support physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.



More than a place to live, Stewart Center/Pittsburgh Community Housing helps transform families and our community. Pittsburgh Community Housing protects families from displacement and supports residents as they build financial and social capacity.