A Convenient Incarceration

A continuation of “It’s All About Sex...And I Don’t Like It” “How much for both of us?” asked the driver of a dark truck. Nicky was enjoying a plate of barbecue on the porch of a vacant house. It was July 4th and she was not looking for work. Out of instinct, she named her

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It’s All About Sex…And I Don’t Like It

I rode the dark streets of the Pittsburgh community looking for a prostitute; it was around 7:30 pm on a Saturday night in January.  The forecast was for overnight temperatures to dip into the teens.  I found Nicky on one of her usual corners, bundled up and smoking a cigarette.  I offered to drive her

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Keep Swinging

Henry Aaron was eighteen in 1952 when he boarded a train in Mobile, Alabama bound for Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the spring training home of the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro League.  With a sack of sandwiches, two dollars and dark brown skin no one could have predicted that the skinny kid on that train would

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The Rest of the Story

From the 1950’s until his death in 2009, Paul Harvey was one of the most recognizable and influential voices on American radio. Over the course of his career Harvey was engaged in a variety of news formats but he is best remembered for his twice-daily News and Comment and The Rest of the Story. I

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A Parent’s Grief

There are a thousand things that I need to be doing instead of writing a blog post, but I must write while the wound is fresh. I fear that time will scab over the cut with “perspective” and leave only a small scar that becomes a vague reminder of a past injury and eventually fades

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At this Rate…

A friend sent me a quote some months back that characterized leadership as being restless for change, impatient for progress and deeply dissatisfied with the status quo. While I might not be characterized as a visionary leader that brings out the best in those I lead, I am most certainly impatient. I could write textbooks

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Stay or Go? Yes.

Five months ago our family moved from Tucker, a suburb of Atlanta, to a house two miles from the Stewart Center. Our new proximity to the Center and our oldest son’s entrance into kindergarten have linked my personal and professional lives and given urgency to my work as director of the Stewart Center. Our new

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