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A good Samaritan? Impossible!

Recently, I was invited by Park Avenue Baptist Church to give a reflection on the meaning of reconciliation and/or restoration during morning worship. At the time of the offer I eagerly agreed. They gave me the opportunity because of my association with the Stewart Center and my presumed knowledge of the subject matter. I, like

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Organizing My Thoughts

As the leaves rustle in the street below my open window at the Stewart Center and the building sits cool and silent without the usual clamor of children, staff and volunteers I find myself in a reflective mood. Weeks ago when consulting my calendar I marked the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving as days to

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The Singularity of People

Amidst the spirited summer atmosphere one might think that I would be acutely aware of the individuality of each child, volunteer and staffer. After all, it is during summer camp that the staff, volunteers and children have the most intimate contact with one another. Even though I have spent much of my time in the

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