The Pittsburgh Community Stabilization Fund (PCSF) exists to help long-term neighborhood residents pay bills or make critical home improvements to avoid eviction, foreclosure, or a forced sale of their property.

Types of expenditures that may be covered by the PCSF include:

• Rent and Mortgage payments
• Water bills
• Electric bills
• Natural gas
• Property Tax bill
• Home repairs

If you think you or your household might qualify for funds from the PCSF, please click on the link below to fill out an application and someone from our team will review your information.

• All applicants will receive a first response within 48 hours of request.
• Decisions on funding will be made within 10 business days of request.
• Applicants can make one request per year for any of the following items listed.
• Applicants may have to have an in-person prior to a decision is made.
• Documentation of need is required (bill, invoice, violation).
• For all home repair request PCSF will give funds directly to a qualified contractor for repair.
• Decisions will be made by a panel of neighborhood residents and business owners.
• PCSF can refer to other organizations for additional funding to cover additional need.
• All decisions are final.

For questions please call 404-946-8617 or email