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Drawing Outside the Lines – by Ashley Hicks

I was at the beach a few weeks ago and I was doing one of my favorite things: people watching. I watched families play with their children, I saw people riding their bikes and drawing in the sand, I saw people relaxing with an umbrella drink in hand. One thing that kept my attention the

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The “Power” of Partnership

The year was 1981 and I was in preschool.  I cannot remember names but in my mind’s eye I can see myself diligently working to build a fort out of blocks when the teacher informed me that I needed to share some blocks with a female classmate so she could build a princess castle.  Princess

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The Test of Time by Megan Warley

"Mrs. Little approached Mrs. Andrew Stewart asking her to make this nursery a Memorial to Mr. Stewart, a man who was known to be a friend to all children and especially interested in all unfortunate ones. Mrs. Stewart was delighted with the idea-stating that Mr. Stewart had told her to give-and to give generously-just as

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“Such a Time as This.”

“Without countless, unnamed women the Stewart Center would not exist, and their legacy continues. Today many dedicated women give their time, energy, and resources to the Center through volunteering, serving on the APSC board, donating resources, etc.” When Megan Warley wrote those words on the Stewart Center history blog - she was not thinking

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The Blank Page by John Abbott

When my two kids were in middle and high school, I always volunteered on Career Day and shared with the students my work as an architect. I don’t think my arrival in the classroom was ever met with quite the anticipation of the police officer or firefighter who were by far the most popular presenters.

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Growing Together

The following is the first posting in a series of blogs by Stewart Center staffers, volunteers, partners, and community members. Katie and Dakota live at the Center and are interning for the spring semester. Our names are Katie and Dakota, and we have been at the Stewart Center for just over two months. Though we

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Who’s Watching the Pool?

Recently the Davis family made our first trip to Disney World with the boys.  Ty (6) and Jackson (3) enjoyed every moment of the adventure.  Peter Pan, Buzz Lightyear, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Goofy’s Barnstormer were some of their favorite attractions.  I had not been to Disney in over 20 years and seeing my

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