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The Habit of Help

 I frequently speak with people about the Stewart Center, and on occasion, the topic of poverty arises. Of all the reasons for poverty, my experiences tell me that a large percentage of the people I encounter believe that poor choices/habits are a major factor influencing the life condition of individuals on the bottom of society.

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Learning Outside the Classroom…and the Office

As a young person I spent numerous weeks in Charleston S.C. and the surrounding beaches. For many years it was a Davis family ritual to retreat to the coastal city and its beaches for vacation. Recently I participated in the Stewart Center’s annual end-of-school year youth trip. This year’s trip (Washington D.C. 2011, New York

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A Parent’s Grief

There are a thousand things that I need to be doing instead of writing a blog post, but I must write while the wound is fresh. I fear that time will scab over the cut with “perspective” and leave only a small scar that becomes a vague reminder of a past injury and eventually fades

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A good Samaritan? Impossible!

Recently, I was invited by Park Avenue Baptist Church to give a reflection on the meaning of reconciliation and/or restoration during morning worship. At the time of the offer I eagerly agreed. They gave me the opportunity because of my association with the Stewart Center and my presumed knowledge of the subject matter. I, like

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