The objective for the housing program is to intervene in Pittsburgh’s housing crisis by providing suitable housing options  for families connected to the Stewart Center.



Pittsburgh’s housing crisis permeates every conversation, meeting, and strategy concerned with the community’s future.   According to the 2014 American Community Survey of the Census Bureau, 60% of Pittsburgh households have annual income below $25,000. Other sources estimate that up to 40% of homes in Pittsburgh are vacant.  These realities are both a cause and an effect of the community’s instability. Dilapidated houses are pervasive and drugs and prostitution are commonplace.


Despite its challenges, Pittsburgh has a rich history and the potential for a bright future.  Many of the community’s residents are striving to make Pittsburgh a place of hope and opportunity.  The Stewart Center launched Pittsburgh Community Housing LLC (PCH) in 2015 to reclaim and rehab vacant properties and make them available for families connected to the Stewart Center.


Pittsburgh Community Housing’s strategy was conceived through partnerships with The Annie E. Casey Foundation and Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association (PCIA).  Pittsburgh Community Housing provides rental and rent-to-own properties to families that have children in Stewart Center programing. PCH’s work provides suitable housing for community residents, builds a foundation for upward economic mobility, reduces vacancy, and helps stabilize the community.



  • Invest: PCH offers a variety of options for individuals looking for a monetary and social return on their investments.
  • Volunteer: PCH needs skilled and unskilled volunteers to help support rehab projects.

Contact Clayton Davis at clayton@stewartcenter.org for more information about investing and volunteering.


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