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For many people this time of year brings frenzied holiday schedules, road trips to see relatives, and swollen credit card bills. It may also bring unwanted house guests, awkward company parties, and anxiety or depression. Year after year I fall prey to some of these seasonal trappings, but honest reflection reveals that I prefer the

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At this Rate…

A friend sent me a quote some months back that characterized leadership as being restless for change, impatient for progress and deeply dissatisfied with the status quo. While I might not be characterized as a visionary leader that brings out the best in those I lead, I am most certainly impatient. I could write textbooks

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Stay or Go? Yes.

Five months ago our family moved from Tucker, a suburb of Atlanta, to a house two miles from the Stewart Center. Our new proximity to the Center and our oldest son’s entrance into kindergarten have linked my personal and professional lives and given urgency to my work as director of the Stewart Center. Our new

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Big Apple Grows Confidence

Each May the Stewart Center facilitates an educational travel experience with participants from our middle school program. In order to secure a spot in the traveling party students must meet certain academic, conduct, attendance and service project requirements. Of the nine members in our middle school group six qualified for this year’s trip to New

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