Starting Sept. 12, 2022 PNRLT, Inc. in partnership with Southwest Atlanta Youth Business Organization, Inc. will be launching a youth oriented business owner training opportunity.  We seek to train the future business leaders of Atlanta, by teaching our youth in this neighborhood the specifics of how to identify viable business opportunities, establish business bank accounts, establish legal business entities, fund businesses, write business plans, etc.

In addition, based on participant evaluations – those who are not ready for self employment business goals, will be assisted with GED preparation, interviewing techniques, professional resume writing, appropriate dress, and communication skills.

The program will target youth ages 10-24 who live, work, or attend school in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Atlanta, GA.

Participants will meet weekly via in person and virtual settings to learn from mentors, volunteers, business professionals, and credential topic discussion leaders.  Participants will be instructed in best practices for entrepreneurial activities.  Bi-monthly events and field trips will be scheduled for participants to gain real world experience in business settings.

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