Shannon’s Fundraising Page

The Stewart Center’s 6th Annual Atlanta Golf Classic is on October 14 at East Lake Golf Club. All proceeds from this year’s tournament go to support the Center’s after school program.

The Stewart Center is the on-site after school provider for Kindezi-Gideons Elementary School. The program serves over 200 students every afternoon and provides academic support and educational enrichment at no cost to the families. Students participate in one of three Studios – Journalism, Computer Science, or Performing Arts.

The program extends the learning day and offers enrichment that would otherwise be unavailable to most children living in the Pittsburgh community of south Atlanta.

I have been connected to the Center for many years and I love the work they are doing to help transform the Pittsburgh community into a place of hope and opportunity. I am using the occasion to raise $1,500 from family and friends to support the after school program. Please consider making a contribution to the Stewart Center so that deserving children can continue to learn and grow throughout the year.

Thank you for your consideration.