Youth Travel Experiences

Intentional out-of-state travel has been a hallmark of the Stewart Center’s youth program since 2011. Over the years, students and staff have traveled thousands of miles to see new places and discover things about themselves. This year, 7-10 students will spend 4 days exploring Washington DC.

From Broadway shows to Arizona deserts and Colorado mountains, Stewart Center travel introduces youth to the marvelous diversity that exists beyond their familiar surroundings.  Self-reliance grows and authentic identities are uncovered as students experience life without the expectations that often follow them through neighborhood life.

If you have ever traveled with a group, particularly a youth group, you know that travel strengthens group cohesion, builds lasting relationships, and creates narratives that will be retold for many years to come.  Travel is a key element in the growth of students, staff, and the Stewart Center.

Students earn travel by meeting targets for attendance, conduct, and academic performance.

Since 2011 students have traveled to New York City, Boston, the Grand Canyon, Colorado, and other destinations

While in D.C., students will visit the White House, the US Capital, as well as many monuments and museums.

Please consider giving the gift of travel to Stewart Center students.  Your contribution goes directly to support the experiences youth will have on this year’s trip to Washington D.C.