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Become a Recurring Contributor


Your monthly recurring donation allows us to plan for the future of the Andrew P Stewart Center. Plus you don’t have to remind yourself to donate every month!

In Kind Donations

Most Needed Supplies : Building supplies for our Pittsburgh Housing Project, printer paper, postage stamps, Clorox wipes, Granola bars or other healthy snacks

Sports Supplies : Basketball, sturdy hula hoops, jump ropes and kickballs

Food Supplies : Kool Aid/lemonade mix/juice boxes, fruit, small plastic cups, and paper plates

Cleaning Supplies : Toilet bowl cleaner, dish soap, large containers of hand soap, and laundry detergent

Craft Supplies : Construction paper, colored pencils, markers, and stickers

Other Supplies : Play dough, tissue paper, and toilet paper

Would you like to donate in kind items?

That’s great! Please contact our program director Ashley Hicks at for more information.